Red Bull Editions
UI & Mobile App Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Phone Gap

Red Bull Editions app is a concept that promotes purchasing and drinking Red Bull energy drinks while trying out all its flavors. User chooses the favorite one, what provides a feedback to the company that could be used to better adjust future Red Bull energy drink production.

I have designed and developed the app as a part university project during my exchange in Germany. It is based on HTML5 and then converted into Android app thanks to PhoneGap Build. It is using QR code scanner plugin for PhoneGap.

Red Bull Editions

The App Explained

User comes to the store and buys a Red Bull. On the can, there is a scratch square (known from scratch cards) and it says ‘Scratch and Scan to win Red Bull Events Card.’ Under the scratch area, there is a QR code, which by scanning opens a Google Play Store where the user downloads the app.

After the app is opened, it explains that there are 3 Red Bull Editions and if the user tries all of them he can win above-mentioned card. To verify that the user tried Red Bull Editions, user is prompted to scan specific QR codes from all 3 flavours. Afterwards, he picks the favorite one and enters his contact details to enter the competition.

Watch the video to see how the app works.